Friday, April 2, 2010

Great news!

How are you guys! I have wonderful news! Our very own kusudama creator - Ekaterina Lukasheva finally launched her personal site: There you can find in one place all those beautiful kusudamas that were dispersed all over different sites! Isn't it great? I was so looking forward to see this coming!

But these are not the only big news. Our talented author in order to promote the site is willing to open some diagrams for you, my dear friends! But with some conditions. Very easy though! :0)

The rules are very simple. The goal is to reach all together:

100 points for Rafaelita

120 points for Edelweiss

150 points for Festival and Grafique

How to earn the points? You have to post a link of the site ( in your blog and write some words about it!

So, you get:
1 point for a link in you livejournal
1 point for flickr
1 point for a blogspot, myspace, wordpress
2 points for Stranamasterov
other sites will be considered

It means if you have, for example, accounts on flickr and blogspot you can earn 2 points!

You can place your link-proof as a comment to this post.


Isabella Kida said...

Very very beautiful!

Katherine K. said...

Thanks Isabella! But these kusudamas weren't folded by me! I took the photos from the site mentioned in the post! ^_^

Sandra said...

Hi! Great news indeed. I'll check the site as soon as I can.

By the way, I'm having a draw in my blog to give a present to one of the people who read my blog. The text is in portuguese but if you want to try just leave a comment in the post to participate.


Katherine K. said...

Oh Thanks, Sandra! I speak spanish so I understand a little portuguese! ^_^