Thursday, April 22, 2010

New diagrams from Ekaterina Lukasheva

Ekaterina Lukasheva opened new diagrams on her personal site:
Diagram Madmoiselle
Diagram Merengue
Diagram Fish Curler
Diagram Mandragora
Diagram Crocus
Diagram Sparaxis
Diagram Ilex
Diagram Ornament

To download the diagram you just have to click on the word "Diagram"!

Please, don't forget we're earning points for the diagram of Rafaelita series by Ekaterina Lukasheva. Rules in english and spanish.

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Lu Carvalho said...

Hi! I won 2 prizes, one is "Making art is too good" and the other is "Do not Get This Blog of My Head", and according to the rule, who receives this award must indicate a further 6 blogs to receive it and I indicated you . Hope you enjoy, the seals of the awards are in my blog
kisses and even more