Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marbling Star by Miyuki Kawamura

This model was published in Origami Tanteidan Magazine 102. Here is the diagram:

Like other models by Miyuki Kawamura, the units are very easy to fold. This one was not easy to assemble. B
ut actually it's possible... and of course, I used some glue to join them together!

30 units, dodecahedral shape (
point: 3 units, hole: 5 units). Paper size 7,0*7,0 cm, about 12 cm in diameter.

The author's model looks like this:

but I decided to increase a little the angle (step 4) to get a more solid shape:
Marbling Star by Miyuki Kawamura

Marbling Star by Miyuki Kawamura

Marbling Star by Miyuki Kawamura


Isa Klein said...


It is very very beautiful! I like your change, it was more beautiful!

And the paper is a luxury! It origami paper?

Kiss in the heart!

Déli said...

If this one is similar to Pair Blade, the assembly is really complicated. But I'll try!!

Very beautiful, and lovely paper, is really sophisticated.


Katherine K. said...

Isa, thanks a lot!
The paper is for gift-wrapping, very thin and slick... Actually this paper can not keep the folds, but for this model is ideal because during the assembling another type of paper (e.g. origami paper) could be damaged.

Déli, thank you! The assembling is no easy! )) But there's some special thrill in that!


Tati Yumi said...

I found your blog and I loved your origamis very much!!
May I link you in my blog??


Katherine K. said...

Hi Tati! Thanks for your comment!

You are warmly welcome to my blog! ;0)

Sandra said...

Hi! Just found your blog and I absolutely loved your folds! You make really beautiful kusudamas, very complicated and delicate. I am trying to make a marbling star, your right the units are very easy to fold by very difficult to get together, but I think that's part of the joy.

Thank you for sharing your art with us. I will be following your art from Portugal.


Katherine K. said...

Hello Sandra! Thank you for your wonderful words! ;0)