Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crystal of ice by Mio Tsugawa

This model consists of 30 modules, paper size 7,5*7,5 cm. The modules are easy to fold, but they're joined together with glue. You can order the diagram here.
Crystal of ice

Crystal of ice

Crystal of ice

Crystal of ice


Isa Klein said...


Uau!!! Que lindo!!! Você tem o diagrama desse??

Bjinhos encantados!!!

Déli said...


I would like to have the diagram too, but I know that Mio Tsugawa sells the diagrams.

I'm trying to understand how to fold the modules, by myself... but it's hard!


Katherine K. said...

Oh, girls! Unfortunately I can not share the diagram because I bought it at Mio's site! The modules are no so hard as it seems, I can give you a hint! I used this kind of paper:

I hope it will help to figure it out!
Happy folding!

Déli said...

I'm really grateful!! I'm sure that will help, thanks a lot!!!