Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rose de Sahara by Miyuki Kawamura

Another model by Miyuki Kawamura. Very easy and it's joined without glue. I mean absolutely without glue! The flaps are big enough and the pockets hold the flaps really good.

30 units, paper size 7,5*7,5 cm
Rose de Sahara by Miyuki Kawamura

Rose de Sahara by Miyuki Kawamura

The diagram was published in Origami Tanteidan Magazine 96


Déli said...

Now I see!!
It's very easy, so I'll try!

Thanks for the diagram! ;)

Katherine K. said...

Yep, really easy! ))

They told at the russian community that is similar to Blinikos by Tung Ken Lam:

Sandra said...

Hi! That is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the diagrams with us.

Katherine K. said...

Hi Sandra! Thanks for your comment! Hope the diagram will be helpful! :0)

kozdroy said...

Of where you strap these diagrams? would be of the magazines origami tanteidan?
Thanks for all diagrams!
Your blog is simple and fantastic!

Katherine K. said...

Thank you kozdroy!

Yes, the diagrams for Kawamura's were published in Tanteidan magazines...

Anonymous said...

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